Estrazione storico licenze prodotti ibm

Procedura per il cliente per la raccolta delle informazioni sullo storico delle licenze sui prodotti IBM acquistati.

Tramite la seguente procedura è possibile ottenere una estrazione sulle licenze acquistate, rinnovate e attualmente in manutenzione.


Accesso al portale IBM Passport Advantage




    Create a part numbers list. You have two options:
        You can download the file with your part numbers directly from Passport Advantage®:
            Log in to Passport Advantage.

            From the menu on the left, select Reporting > Order history.
            If applicable, select the relevant site or sites.
            In the Type of order section, select All.
            Specify the Sales order date.
            Select any option from the Sort by list, and click Submit detail report.
            You report is ready. Click Download report to save it, and then select Comma delimited.
        You can create such a file on your own:
            You can use a text editor. In this case, enter each part number in a new line.
            You can use a CSV file with multiple columns. The column with part numbers must be called Part number. Use a comma as a field separator and quotation marks (" ") as a text delimiter. For example:

            "Part number","Order type"


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